Darrow (SWI), Life’s December (SWI)
Met Bar, Lenzburg, Switzerland – 04.07.2015
Even when it’s hot outside, there are great concerts by small bands. The Met Bar in the small town of Lenzburg is a venue in which such events are held. And who loves honey wine about everything else and listens to music like Metal, Rock, Gothic or mediaeval music must visit the Met Bar. Two Core bands performed tonight. The Met Bar opened its doors on 8 PM. There were many spectators present with the average age between 17-20 years, what ain’t bad. Life’s December entered the stage as first band. The Deathcore band from Eastern Switzerland was happy to perform at Met Bar. Their music with a lot of breakdowns was so well-received by the mostly young audience, that some spectators freaked out and indulged in violent dancing and two step dance moves followed. There was a great atmosphere, because Life’s December included the audience in the show and turned the Met Bar in a madhouse. Especially Rico Bamert pushed the audience and despite hot flashes the audience celebrated the Deathcore sound of the Wattwiler and had a lot of fun. You felt from the start that the band chemistry is right. Life’s December did a great show and were adopted with much by the audience. They definitely deserved it. Darrow were the next. The Basler Metalcore band has a replacement guitarist with Claudio Fabbri. Despite the oppressive heat mainman Stefan Flückiger and his band mates refused to surrender and kicked ass live on stage. Last year the Basler issued their debut „Generation of Builders“. Singer Stefan Flückiger did a great vocal performance and so that the spectators didn’t overheat, they were sprayed wet with super soakers. Unfortunately no encores could be played because of the tight scedule, but that wasn’t necessary. Darrow kicked ass and left content spectators. No wonder, because the Basler showed a great performance and the fun was transferred to the audience. After the concert, Darrow announced that Dario Kamdouga takes the place as guitarist for Luca Caraci. Setlist Darrow All of us From Nothing Light of a summerday Odyssey Inside the casket Farewell Letter Generation of Builders In Loving Memory It’s a pity that no more spectators were present. There was nothing complain. Big thanks to the Met Bar team for the fabolous evening. Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha
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