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Cutest Beast (SWI), Thola (SWI), White Ash (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 16.11.2019
The only Judas Priest cover band in Switzerland, Cutest Beast, is a guarantee  for great shows in 80s style. I could already experience them live several times.  Now they returned to the Rockfact Music Club. The opening bands were Thola   and White Ash. Despite the cold temperatures, it is an event to warm up with  great music and have a good time. Would Cutest Beast do another great show  tonight and leave happy faces? A question that was buzzing around in my head  and the answer followed a few hours later.  On 9 PM White Ash entered the stage. Active since 1987 with some  interruptions, they returned to the stages. 80s Hard Rock was offered by the  guys from Oberbipp. Singer Marcel Känzig showed vocal nuances to Judas Priest  frontman Rob Halford. Lead guitarist Thomas Ischi and rhythm guitarist Rolf  Schwab sang along in the background.  
However, the music was enriched with modern influences and never sounded stale. After "Buried Alive" the singer  introduced his band. With "The World Is On Fire" the sound became harder and faster. A highlight of their performance  was "Tokyo Nights", because this song is a hit for me. "Isolation" followed as the last original composition before two  cover versions were played. Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills" and Halloween's "I want out" completed the show. A good  show by the Hard Rock Band from the canton of Bern. For unexplainable reasons I had not known this band before and it  is a mystery to me why they never made the breakthrough. I will keep an eye on them and attend another concert of  yours. Setlist White Ash Little Women Thunderstorm 30 Years Troublemaker Burried Alive World Is On Fire Tokyo Nights Isolation Run To The Hills I Want Out After that it was Thola from Wallis' turn. The Melodic Power/Speed Metal Band has a new singer with Kirk singer Thomas  Rauch in their ranks. The lights went out and Frank Sinatra's "New York" sounded as an intro. An unusual start to open a  show, but not bad to attract attention. The band members entered the stage and "Imprisonment" heralded the  performance. Meanwhile the audience moved to the stage. From the first second on you could feel the joy of playing and  it was transferred to the audience. Guitarist Rodo Studer duelled with guitarist Patrick Ambord and bassist Thomas  Ambühl on stage. The mood was boiling! The guys inspired with catchy riffs and stage presence. Furthermore frontman  Thomas Rauch interacted with the audience and involved them in the performance. And with a sympathetic person like  him, blessed with a divine voice, it caused much entusiasm. Unfortunately the strong performance ended with "17". The  band members received standing ovations for what they had shown tonight. No wonder next year they will be the  opening act for the Japanese cult metal band Loudness on their European tour. Thola is definitely a jewel in the Swiss  metal scene.  Setlist Thola Imprisonment 7 Gates Under my Skin Squaring the Circle Burning Waves Bloody Game X-Tree-M Fuego Negro 17 The last group of the evening was Cutest Beast. In the past they showed at the Rockfact Music Club how they pay  homage to the musical heritage of their idols of Judas Priest. So far they never disappointed. To open the show with a  bang, "Breaking The Law" followed. A clever move to wake up the audience with full force. Singer Andy Lickford in a cool  80s outfit presented a flawless vocal performance and actively sought contact with the audience. He provided the best  moment of the evening with the statement "Judas Priest would have stolen the songs from them". Guitarist Peter Berger  showed his abilities as a guitar magician and shone with guitar solos with which he caused enthusiasm. His colleague  Rene Meyer did the same and approached him to compete in a guitar duel. Bassist Omar Cuna didn't miss that and also  joined in. The three of them made a good impression and the competition ended in a draw. Nothing goes wrong with hits  like "Hot Rockin'", "You've Got Another Thing", "Nightcrawler", "Turbo Lover" and "Hell Bent For Leather" and are an  important part of this heavy metal show. After "Jawbreaker" the band members left the stage. At this point the show  would have ended, but the audience demanded encores incessantly. For this reason lead singer Andy Lickford and his  colleagues returned on stage. With "Painkiller" and the party anthem "Living After Midnight" two absolute live grenades  followed, which rounded off the great performance. The band was bid farewell with much applause. Should Judas Priest  retire one day, Cutest Beast will take over for them.  Setlist Cutest Beast Breaking The Law Metal Gods Electric Eye Heading Out The Highway Rapid Fire A Touch Of Evil Leather Rebel Hot Rockin‘ The Sentinel You’ve Got Another Thing Coming Grinder Nightcrawler Turbo Lover Hell Bent For Leather Jawbreaker Painkiller Living After Midnight I must give credit all involved. You all contributed to a great evening. Many thanks to sound mixer Patrick Schibler for  mixing White Ash and Cutest Beast. Thanks also to sound mixer Mario Hodler for mixing Thola.  Thanks to you we were able to enjoy a good sound.  Livreport and photos by Dominic Latscha