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Confector - The Beauty of Leprosy
Label: - Release: 2009 Style: Death Metal / Thrash Metal Tracklist 1. Vultures Paradise, 2. Blasphemic Desecrators, 3. Precious Blood, 4. The Beauty Of Leprosy Confector was a Swiss Death / Thrash Metal band from the city of Bülach, canton of Zurich. The band had been founded in 2006 and consisted of singer / guitarist Roman Tobler, bassist Christian Tobler and drummer Yves Locher. In 2009 their first album "The Beauty of
Leprosy" was released. It was recorded at Traintown Studio in April 2009 and mixed and mastered by Attila Varga. The band produced the album itself. Mattias Norén was responsible for the artwork. On this album the trio presented a heavy mixture of 80s Bay Area Thrash Metal and Swedish Death Metal from the 90s. As influences were named Testament, Exodus, Bolt Thrower, Hypocrisy, Bloodbath and Vader. Four songs called "Vultures Paradise", "Blasphemic Desecrators", "Precious Blood" and "The Beauty of Leprosy" united these two styles to a well- balanced sound which, thanks to the powerful production of Attila Varga, blasted out of the speakers and unleashed an endorphin release in the listener. Singer and guitarist Roman Tobler shone with his death metal vocals and thrash metal riffs, which crushed everything in their path. Pretty cool to me was the groove, which made its way into the ear canals and gave the songs a kick. It wasn't this mediocre scheme that led to boredom. Of course, the people of Zurich didn't reinvent the wheel of time, but they didn't have to. It was great listening to this 13 minute long album. The band split up in 2011. Some members formed a new band called Warp of Vices. "The Beauty of Leprosy" remained the only album in their short career. 7/12 Review by Dominic Latscha