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Chainer (SWI), Kingslayers (FRA), Helium Moth (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 17.03.2018
There’s no biz like showbiz“ is a slogan and describes the glamour and excitement of the entertainment industry. This statement about the music industry is true. Suddenly something unexpected happens for example a band cancels their appearance three weeks in advance, because their line-up isn’t complete. Finding an equivalent substitute is like search for the needle in the haystack. Most of all when time pressure is causing stress and fail is no option. IRON-T21 has accomplished this feat. They found a local rock band and the concert line-up was complete. The local rock band Helium Moth opened the evening as first band on 9 PM. The trio from the area of Basel played „You call my name“ as first song.
The guys at the age of 17-18 showed musical talent from the beginning. The chemistry was right and the whole sounded professional like experienced musicians who perform for ages. Catchy guitar tunes by singer Ritchie were there and harmonized with the groovy parts of bassist Ian and created a danceable, rocking sound cocktail. The spectators liked it very much and showed much applause. From my point of view the acoustic performance at „Country Song“ was special. The band members played unplugged and caused a surprise. This sounded like in the Everglades of Florida and had its charm. It was a pleasure watching them live on stage. The singing was the only thing that unconvinced, but the trio is looking for a new singer. Unfortunately their appearance ended after 30 minutes. Setliste Helium Moth You call my name (kein Titel) Journey to the Sun Country Song Heavy Shits Kingslayers entered the stage on 10 PM. The Alsatians played for the first time in Switzerland and were happy about this chance. The first song „Fall Of The Kings“ bumped out the speakers. The heavy metal/speed metal mix sounded powerful and convinced the present metalfans. A song about pirates followed with „Phantom of the Sea“. „Teutonic Wraith“ was dedicated to all German speaking spectators. A cover version of the Black Sabbath evergreen „Paranoid“ got played. Honestly I hadn’t known a cover version before which this sound. The heavyness amplification was higher than the original and ensured a great atmosphere for the event. The appearance came to an end with „Legions Of Steel“. The Alsatians did an amazing performance and used it to promote their EP „Legions Of Steel“. Hopefully they play in Switzerland again. Setliste Kingslayers Intro Fall Of The Kings Hail, Revenge March To War Phantom Of The Sea Teutonic Wrath Under The Spell Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover) Legions Of Steel Headliner Chainer performed on 11 PM. And what they showed was outstanding. A heavy kick ass rock’n’roll show with party attitude the way you wanted it. It was like you would transfer the Sunset Strip vibe from the Los Angeles of the 80’s into the new time! You could notice influences of Guns’n’Roses, Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P in their music. However the musicians added a separate note and lifted themselves up from copies of the quoted bands. Singer Kevin Van Raiser reminded vocally of W.A.S.P. mainman Blackie Lawless and convinced with his voice and is a born entertainer. He performed guitar duels with bassist Axel Whiteman. The music burned into the ears with hits like „Hungry“ and stuck until the end. His thank went to the organizers of that night, because Chainer hadn’t performed in Münchenstein before. The encores „Eyes on Fire“, „No God No Master“ and „Ride Me“ followed after the regular set. The Vaudoises made a strong appearance and the performance was overwhelming! That’s the way a kick ass rock’n’roll show has to be! Setliste Chainer Gonna Rock You Can’t Suffer Anymore Balls Kicker Feel on Fire Hungry Burn The City Orgasmo Mechanic Gorgeous And Dangerous Lone Rider High Wild Ride Angel Eyes On Fire No God No Master Ride Me A great evening came to an end with three bands which convinced with a strong stage presence. Thanks to Jerry Thomas Ferrat for the sound. Livereport and photos from Dominic Latscha