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Burning Witches (SWI), Shanghai Guns (SWI)
Met Bar, Lenzburg, Switzerland – 28.10.2016
At female Metal bands I think about Vixen, Phantom Blue and Crucified Barbara, which disbanded to the chagrin of many metalheads. However there’s a silver lining on the horizon, because the all female heavy metal band Burning Witches is ready and scored with their recently issued demo in the German metal magazines Metal Hammer and Rock Hard as „Demo of the month“. I’ve been interested in this band before these events and was very excited about their first live performance at Met Bar in Lenzburg with support act Shanghai Guns. For this reason I visited this event with a friend. Fortunately we had been reserving our tickets some months in advance, because the concert was sold out.
The Met Bar opened its doors on 7:30 PM and you could see the soundcheck of Shanghai Guns. A short time later this band from St.-Sulpice (Swiss Canton of Waadt) was standing on stage and opened the evening with the song „Cabaret“ after an intro. Singer Stefan Tudela convinced with this stage appearance. The music of Shanghai Guns is hard rock and was amazing. Guitar player Yves Leyraz with a top hat convinced with guitar solos. Their music reminded me of German hard rock / heavy metal guitarist Axel Rudi Pell. It didn’t affect the good mood because Shanghai Guns knew to provide a good time for the spectators. Singer Stefan Tudela and his band mates left the stage after the last song „Little Chicks Big Dicks (LCBD)“. The anticipation about the headliner grew with every minute but a short break occured in order to prepare the stage and remove the equipment of the support act. Meanwhile you could cover yourself with drinks or visit the merchandise corner of the bands. Setlist Shanghai Guns Intro Cabaret Under the Burning Sun Long Way Hard Decision Slaves of Sumuru Party Animal Dude (PAD) High on Heels Little Chicks Big Dicks (LCBD) Then the time came. The long awaited headliner Burning Witches entered the stage on 9:00 PM. The first song „Metal Demons“ bumped out the speakers and the ladies began to play. Singer Seraina Telli stood in the middle of the stage and wanted get in touch with the audience, which freaked out. The beautiful female front shouter enthrilled with her voice and reminded of Doro Pesch’s Warlock days. Her bandmates Romana Kalkul and Alea Wyss had guitar duels. It was well received and caused vociferous applause. You noticed singer Seraina Telli and her bandmates were excited about that night, because the burning passion was notable at every point and cast a spell on the spectators. I would describe their music as an explosive mix of Warlock with influences of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden enriched with a female touch. Burning Witches left the stage after the Judas Priest cover „Jawbreaker“. But the enthusiastic audience wasn’t satisfied yet and wanted that the show continues. „Encore“ shouts occured. Burning Witches returned on stage and female fronted shouter Seraina asked the spectators if they are serious with encores. The reaction was clear and you were thanked with the Ronnie James Dio cover „Holy Diver“ and the band anthem „Burning Witches“ – two kick ass songs which quenched the spectators thirst. Burning Witches said goodbye to happy spectators and obtained thundering applause. Their first live performance was epic and left a great impression. Setlist Burning Witches Metal Demons We eat your children The Deathlist Dark Companion Bloody Rose Creatures of the night Save me Black widow Creator of hell Jawbreaker Holy Diver Burning Witches They might have a golden future if they continue this way and their debut in 2017 would be like their live performance tonight. Conclusions: It was worth attending the first live performance by Burning Witches. My friend and I were very impressed by the headliner as well as the support act. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha