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Burning Witches - Hexenhammer
Label: Nuclear Blast Records Release: 2018 Style: Heavy Metal Tracklist 1. The Witch Circle,  2. Executed,  3. Lords of War, 4. Open Your Mind, 5. Don’t Cry My Tears, 6. Maiden of Steel, 7. Dungeon of Infamy, 8. Dead Ender, 9. Hexenhammer, 10. Posession, 11. Man Eater, 12. Holy Diver
In 2018 the second record „Hexenhammer“ by Burning Witches from Switzerland followed after the release of their self- titled debut. Nuclear Blast Records cared about the distribution again. The album was recorded between April and Mai 2018 with V.O. Pulver (ex-Carrion, Poltergeist, GurD) with support of Schmier (Destruction) and Damir Eskic. V.O. Pulver cared about the mix and mastering in Little Creek Studios. Martin Rahn provided the photographs in collaboration with Daniel Strub. Guyala Havanczsak was responsible for the artwork and cover, who had been involved with the debut and did a good job again. The listener expects another a full portion of 80’s metal on „Hexenhammer“ with catchy guitar tunes by the guitar fraction Romana Eskic Kalkuhl and Sonia „Anubis“ Nuselder, who take a trip together with singer Seraina Telli to the medieval witch world.  A new guitar player joined the band with Sonia „Anubis“ Nuselder after the departure of Alea Wyss and had to find a substitute for the vacant position. The five-piece gets the perfect basis to shine with their sound and prove skills by the great production of V.O. Pulver with Schmier and Damir Eskic. Maiden of Steel" features a guest musician with Courtney Cox as the solo guitarist. She‘s known for her performances in the American all-female Iron Maiden tribute band The Iron Maidens. The self-titled album was a good start, but "Hexenhammer" kicks ass with more variety and a fantastic vocal performance by frontwoman Seraina Telli, who shows versatility in her voice and passion. Besides that, guitarists Romana Eskic Kalkuhl and Sonia „Anubis“ Nuselder duel with riffs. If you like 80s metal in the style of Doro, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, you can grab "Hexenhammer" without hesitation. 11/12 Review by Dominic Latscha