Banging Heart (SWI), The Dirtons (SWI), Breaking Mercy (GER)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON T-21
The Rockfact Music Club and IRON T-21 launched their concert series with a world premiere. Banging Heart performed on stage of Rockfact music club in Münchenstein for the very first time. The Cover Rock/Metal band from Basel keep up the spirit of the 80’s and it feels like it never disappeared. Furthermore skilled musicians are part of Banging Heart, because they had been involved in bands like Paganini, Stargazers, Rawhead Rexx, Daydreamer and Fortress. Therefore they have longtime experience. The local Punk Rock band The Dirtons and the German newcomer band Breaking Mercy were the support acts. The local TV channel Telebasel visited this concert to shoot a report about the venue inclusive band performances.
The Rockfact Music Club opened its doors on 8 PM and Breaking Mercy started performin‘ a few minutes later. The guys from Weil am Rhein play Hard Rock and did a very good job. Singer Alex convinced vocally and lead guitarist Chris showed the dexterity of his fingers on the guitar. Their music goes down like honey and the audience has fun at the concert which is reflected in the ensuing applause. Although I’ve never heard anythin’ from them, I was more than surprised about the performance on stage. Despite the young age they showed no nervousness and played confidently in front of the audience. Unfortunately they had to leave the stage after 30 minutes, but their first-class appearance has left a lastin‘ impression on the audience. Setlist Breaking Mercy Burn It Open Eyes Can you tell me New Beginning Blues Run Away Breaking Away Burning World A short interruption occured and then The Dirtons entered the stage. Last time they performed with Blockbuster at Rockfact. Tonight followed by a special performance with the the „Devils Sticks Special Show“. While singer Roman Müller and his fellow bandmates had been entertained the audience with catchy Punk Rock and hits like „Mexico“, „Seppe Joe“ and the Beastie Boys cover version „Fight for your right“ suddenly a man called Serge stepped in front of the stage and asked the audience to observe safety distance. Then he lit a torch on both sides and spun this torch around. It looked really dangerous, but Serge had the situation under control and delighted the spectators. The same performance occured at „Say it“ and the Plastic Bertrand cover version „Ça plane pour moi“ when Roman asked the spectators to sing in French. Serge repeated the same performance while „Say it“ and the Plastic Bertrand cover „Ça plane pour moi“ when singer Roman Müller urged the spectators to sing in French with him. You had to express a genuine compliment to The Dirtons, because it was somethin’ I had never experienced before. The local Punk Rockers adopted by the audience with the Nirvana cover version „Anorysme“. Setlist The Dirtons Seaquest Mexico Seppe Joe Say no never Fight for your right Clean my mind Kick out the jam Downfall or future White Russian Say it Cold fusion Ça plane pour moi Anorysme Another interruption occured and afterwards Banging Heart entered the stage. I was really lookin‘ forward to them, because the cover versions on the band’s official website attracted my curiosity. The lights went out on 11 PM and the intro „Carmina Burana“ by Carl Orff bumped out the speakers. The Basler open their set with „Bark at the moon“ by Ozzy Osbourne. Singer Adolfo Cano kicked ass with his raspy voice while the Black Sabbath and Dio songs got played and guitarist Peter Berger showed why he’s an amazin‘ guitar player. The good had convinced with guitar solos and cast a spell over the spectators. In addition to covers of Metal and Rock classics an own song called „Guardian Angel“ got played. This song sounded interestin‘ and aroused increasin‘ interested. Banging Heart wanted leave the stage after „Detroit Rock City“. But the spectators didn’t want let them go and asked for encores. Therefore they returned on stage and played „The Final Countdown“ by Europe and „Long Live Rock’n’Roll“ by Rainbow. Setlist Banging Heart Bark at the moon – Ozzy Osbourne Jerusalem – Black Sabbath Doctor, Doctor – U.F.O You don’t remember – Yngwie Malmesteen Don’t give up - Fortress Heaven and Hell – Black Sabbath Out in the field – Gary Moore Guardian Angel Lay it down - Ratt Into the arena – Michael Schenker Rainbow in the dark - Dio Turn off the light - Fortress Crying in the rain - Whitesnake I wanna Rock – Twisted Sister Holy Diver - Dio Detroit Rock City - KISS The Final Countdown - Europe Long Live Rock’n’Roll - Rainbow Banging Heart convinced with their performance. They received much applause from the numerous spectators. Then you could stay in the Rockfact music club and buy merchandise from Banging Heart or talk to the musicians at the bar. Thanks to IRON T-21, Rockfact Music Club, Serge for the pyro show, the bands Banging Heart, The Dirtons, Breaking Mercy and mixer Jerry Ferrat for the sound.
Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 28.02.2015
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