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Bad Ass Romance (SWI), Snakeskin Boozeband (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 01.04.2017
IRON-T21 has scored a great success. A rock’n’roll jewel got booked with Bad Ass Romance. No else than music legend Fernando von Arb (Krokus) plays with Dan Grossenbacher (China) and Peter „DeeDee“ Kaufmann (Whole Lotta DC) in this band. It’s also a live premiere in Swiss Canton of Baselland. An excellent starting point for the organisers. The power rock trio Snakeskin Boozeband from Laufental performed as support act. I always had been interested in watching Krokus founder Fernando von Arb in a small venue in the area of Basel. Therefore I was very delighted when I heard heard about the concert and I was setting out.
Such an opportunity doesn’t arise everyday. The doors opened on 8 PM and one hour later Snakeskin Boozeband was on stage. More than a year has passed since their last appearance in this club. They entered the stage after an intro. As first song rang „Watch Out!“ and the guys from Laufental  showed from the beginning how authentical power rock has to sound. What impressed the spectators was the stage presence. This young man reminded optically of a rock’n’roll jesus and played guitar solos with such ease that you stood gaping. That wasn’t of this world and put a spell on every spectator. Lukas convinced vocally too and was supported in the background by drummer Pascal Kohler. Everything was just perfect here and watching this guys perform was an audiovisual treat. The last song „On The Run“ followed after a great guitar solo by Lukas Franz. The band members Lukas Franz, Vincent Perry and Pascal Kohler said goodbye to an enthusiastic audience and obtained much applause for their great performance. 50 minutes at full-throttle were the perfect promotion for their self-titled album, which you could buy the merchandise corner. Setlist Snakeskin Boozeband Intro Watch Out! Bar Romance Stop And Stay Shot Down Stick To The Facts Two Track Road On The Run A short break occured the equipment was dismantled and the stage was prepared for headliner Bad Ass Romance. You asked yourself how this band will perform live. Bad Ass Romance entered the stage on 10:05 PM. „You Don’t Love Me“ was the first song and opened their set. A true rock’n’roll firework followed and nobody could stay sitting. The people sang and danced. Singer Fernando von Arb had a lot of fun on stage and showed a smile to the audience. He convinced vocally as well as on the guitar and was trying to get in touch with the audience to cover them with catchy guitar tunes. Fernando von Arb and Dan Grossenbacher always took turns at the vocals and drummer Peter „DeeDee“ Kaufmann could sing at „Man Enough“. He did a great vocal performance and proved that men behind drums have great voices too. Bad Ass Romance left the stage after „Legs“. But the audience didn’t have enough and asked for encores. The shouts became louder with every minute and und Fernando von Arb, Dan Grossenbacher and Peter „DeeDee“ Kaufmann returned on stage. The encores followed with „For Wheel Drive“, „Tush“ and „Long Live Rock’n’Roll“. After that Bad Ass Romance said goodbye and received standing ovations. Their live premiere in Swiss Canton of Baselland left an outstanding impression. Setlist Bad Ass Romance You Don’t Love Me Power Of The Blues One Way To Rock Midnight Moses Hair Of The Dog Parasite Hoochie Coochie Butterfly Crazy Horses Texas Strut Rock Outlaw One Of The Boys Man Enough Sun Goes Down Mississippi Queen Razamanaz Great Balls Whole Lotta Shakin Legs Four Wheel Drive Tush Long Live Rock’n‘Roll After the concert you could get T-Shirts from Bad Ass Romance or signatures. The band even had time for taking selfies. It was a wounderful evening with rock’n’roll, joy of life and great people. Thanks to the organisers, the bands Bad Ass Romance and Snakeskin Boozeband. Another thanks goes to Rockfact sound mixing engineer Jerry Thomas Ferrat and „Klopfi“, who were responsible for the amazing sound during the performances. Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha