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Abgrund - Final Destination
Label: - Release: 2009 Style: Death Metal / Melodic Black Metal Tracklist 1. Final Destination, 2. Devil’s Touch, 3. 6th June, 4. Ilusionen der Nacht, 5. Evil, 6. The End, 7.  Attractive Violation, 8. 30” to Death, 9. Your Tool to Grind
The debut album "Final Destination" of Swiss metal band Abgrund was released in 2009 on their own. It was recorded in 2008 at V&J Studio with the band and Patrik Jobin. Raphael Crivelli of TOCS Recordings mixed and mastered the CD. Simon Vogt is responsible for the graphic design. The five-piece from the canton of Bern celebrates a dark mixture of death metal, melodic black metal with occasional influences of thrash metal. The first song "Final Destination" begins accompanied by ominous keyboard sounds of Doris Baumann before the guitars kick in and singer Stefan Gehri presents his gloomy vocals and the listener gets a first impression. "Devil's Touch" is much more groovy compared to the beginning of the album which is shown in dragging riffs and tempo variations of guitarist Roger Burkhalter and the bass lines of bassist Jerry L. Thrash metal influences show another facet which was unexpected for me. Nevertheless, the sound changes again to Death Metal and melodic Black Metal from 1:20. "6th June" also shows a tendency to Thrash Metal although the vocals remain in Death Metal realms. Here Stefan Gehri suddenly sings in German before the song switches back to English. The guitar playing of Roger Burkhalter shines once again with the vocals of singer Stefan Gehri who integrates more black metal here. "Illusions of the Night" starts with calm keyboard sounds and more slowed down in tempo than the previous songs, giving Doris Baumann more space to underline the music and lay the carpet for the heavier tones that follow by guitarist Roger Burkhalter. This song is entirely in German and is a change from the dominance of English in the music genres. Because of its structure, this song is one of my personal highlights. Furthermore it‘s the song with the longest playing time. "Evil" starts like its predecessor with slower and more space for groovy riffs by Roger. The drumming of Ronny Herren with the vocals of Gehri is well mixed. "The End" starts with guitar riffs from Roger and keyboard sounds from Doris before Gehri kicks in with his vocals. Doesn't convince me that much despite the group's effort. "Attractive Violation" starts almost in rap style by Stefan Gehri and is accompanied by death metal riffs and ominous melodic keyboard sounds by Doris Baumann. Clearly melodic black metal has left its mark here and thrash metal isn‘t palpable at any time in contrast to entries in the previous songs. "30" to Death" is a melodic interlude and serves as a bridge to the last song "Your Tool to Grind". "Your Tool to Grind" closes "Final Destination" and holds a guest appearance by Dänu "Legion" Mosimann. After the chime the riffs set in immediately and flatten everything mercilessly. Frontman Stefan Gehri and his guest Dänu duel with vocals and the chime that started the song is present in the background in between. This song is the shortest with 1:57 playing time. Although the music of the group is in the death and melodic black metal area, influences of thrash metal with groovy parts shine through again and again. What bothers me about this work is the fact that the drumming of Ronny Herren and the guitar riffs of Roger Burkhalter are too much in the foreground in some songs and the sound of all instruments should have been better coordinated. 6/12 Review by Dominic Latscha